Starting the Journey

Well, I’ve sort of started on the Paleo Journey!

I didn’t realize how often I reach for high GI carbs; granola bars, crackers, cereal…it’s all quick and easy and now I’m not having any.

Tonight for dinner we had barbequed chicken, roasted peppers, and a great cauliflower puree which I found on this terrific site for eating Paleo. It was delicious and filling too!

I have not been having rice or pasta for a while now, so I don’ t think I’ll miss that.

I have stocked up on coconut oil and flour, and have bought a ton of fruits and veggies, as well as pork loin, beef ribs, and sandwich turkey meat.

Tomorrow is full throttle, and I’m back at the gym after two weeks off.

We’ll see how it goes going Paleo! The kids are not excited…



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